translateLocally is a privacy focussed machine translation application which translates content privately and securely on the user's own computer.

  • No need for the cloud.
  • No need for internet once models are downloaded.
  • No compromises with your privacy!

This is awesome, where do I get it?

Head over to the downloads section, get the Firefox webextension, the Chrome webextension or try the Web Demo:


Our initial release supports 11 language pairs with many more to come!

  • Bulgarian ↔ English
  • Czech ↔ English
  • Estonian ↔ English
  • French ↔ English
  • German ↔ English
  • Polish ↔ English
  • Spanish ↔ English
  • Ukrainian ↔ English
  • Icelandic → English
  • Norwegian Bokmål → English
  • Norwegian Nynorsk → English

The blazing fast translateLocally is made possible thanks to the hard work of a lot of people.